Thursday, February 16, 2012

This week's class news

First of all thanks again to Kaily for turning on your webcam and participating in that voicethread for our presentation this week! Everyone was really interested to see our real live students from all over Quebec!

Next, some fabulous posts from this week can be found if you simply click on these names:

Olivia (colourful trig points summary)
Mason (nice summary of exponential functions)
Joey (great tips for unit circle)
Patrick (fascinating fractals)
Madison (excellent summary of B17)
Laura (nice observation about trig)
Taylor (another great review summary for June exam)

Finally, Patrick's ongoing investigation of fractals made this video catch my eye and blow my mind as well, by the same vihart math lady who created the one about her but I just wish she would stop dis-ing math teachers!

I wonder how they do these videos - obviously time-lapse but I bet it takes a boatload of time. I did a time-lapse project in university that played for under 1 minute, and it took us a few weeks to get it filmed and edited. With an old super-8 mind you. So yeah this must take, what, months? Hmmmm....getting an idea now for a future lesson.....

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